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The Coffee

New Life Through Great Coffee.

Organically grown. Sun-dried. Premium tasting.  These are three characteristics that make Ugandan Gold a great cup of coffee.

However, what makes Ugandan Gold better than other brews is that it directly improves the lives of the people of Uganda.  100% of the profits from coffee sales is returned to Uganda for the following purposes:

– Advancing the gospel message of Jesus Christ.
– Help provide sustainable jobs and income for families.
– Provide clean drinking water for thousands of children and families.

When you think of Ugandan Gold, think sun-kissed, blended gourmet coffee that gives you an opportunity to make a real world difference.  100% of the profits from our five flavors of Ugandan Gold Coffee work to deliver hope and provide better living conditions for the people of Uganda.


Regular and Decaf Roasted Coffee:
Ugandan Gold’s Regular Roast coffee provides a bold expression of unique flavors and satisfying aromas that is sure to please the gourmet coffee lover’s palate.  It is also available in decaf.

Hazelnut Coffee:
Capturing the toasted sensation of warm, nutty hazelnuts; Ugandan Gold’s Hazelnut coffee will carry you away to distant islands for your own tropical getaway.

Cinnamon Sticky Bun:
There’s nothing more delicious than a warm, sticky, cinnamon bun dripping with icing, and that is just what you taste and imagine when you sip Ugandan Gold’s Cinnamon Sticky Bun coffee.

Caramel Pecan:
Try our newest flavored Ugandan Gold coffee-not too sweet but still reminiscent of the delightful caramel swirled candies you enjoyed as a child-now liquefied in a cup of coffee.

French Roast:
A special blend, a special roast and a special grind just for your French Press coffee maker or French Press mug.