“Ugandan Gold has given our children the chance to have clean drinking water, which has also improved attendance at our school.  Water is life! May God bless you for your actions!”

Patrick Kyomukama
Teacher, Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese Uganda

“The Ugandan Gold, Wambabya Coffee Farm has been a blessing to the many men and women who now have work.  God is moving powerfully and transforming lives and we thank you for your vision.  The workers at the farm have begun to deepen their faith and I am humbled by their transformation and the ongoing miracle that is happening here in Wambabya.”

John Kitalibara
Pastor, Miracles Wambabya Bible Study Ministry, Uganda

“We really like the premise behind Ugandan Gold – The idea that every bean sold gives back to local villages in Uganda.  Every time we have a product demonstration, the coffee receives high praise from our customers.  They tell us it has a great smooth flavor and they love the idea that by buying Ugandan Gold they can make a difference for someone else.  It makes it one of our best selling coffees.”

Karen Novak, Event Coordinator
McGinnis Sisters, Monroeville, PA

“We’ve been buying Ugandan Gold Coffee for the past few years, giving it as gifts to our families and physician and therapist clients.  Their feedback is always positive; and as a company and personally, we believe in the mission to further the coffee plantation, and give people meaningful, sustainable work.”

Rich and Jody Clark
Compression Management Services, Pittsburgh, PA

“What started as an opportunity to help our friends in Uganda and support the ministry of Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa – turned into a delicious venture for the future growth of our church.  We’re currently considering ways to remodel our Fellowship Hall into a coffee shop where we can sell Ugandan Gold to our greater community.”

Sharon Werner
St. Andrews Anglican, KY


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