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The Company


CEED Board of Directors:
Graham Hodgetts, President
Pete Cady
Les Gutzwiller
Worth Helms
Mark LoDico
Len Petrancosta
Jim West

Ugandan Gold is a not-for-profit entity that is completely funded by the Christian East African and Equatorial Development Trust (CEED). The CEED mission is to:

Encourage and facilitate spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the economic and spiritual development of the East African people by the practical application of Christian business principles to develop and maintain sustainable, income generating projects in poverty stricken areas of the world.

Ugandan Gold produces coffee on a 36 acre farm in Wambabya, Uganda. Providing work for 38 full time  workers, Ugandan Gold uses the profit from coffee sales to support health care initiatives, fresh water well drilling and new economic development for the people of Uganda.

With the help of many dedicated volunteers, including a volunteer sales force, Ugandan Gold Coffee returns the maximum amount of its income to the local Ugandan Gold community.  Ugandan Gold roasts, grinds, packages, ships and markets all of our products.  With the help of many dedicated volunteers, Ugandan Gold Coffee is able to minimize the costs and maximize the revenues for the farmers, their families, and their villages.

CEED Partners:
Christ Church at Grove Farm
Brian James at BJames Branding
Joe Walsh and his very capable staff at the O’Neill Coffee Company
Brian Smith and Ruzomberka Holland Renk Smith, P.C.
David Weisbrod, Weisbrod Imaging

Special thanks to:
Mr. Byron Nash for the original music used on our video.
Ms. Vanessa Weisbrod for her photograph of the sunrise over the Nile river.