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Ugandan Gold Sign

Open letter to church leaders:

I hope that you can try Ugandan Gold Coffee with your congregation at your church functions. Why would you want to do this? Here are some reasons …

  1. Ugandan Gold is really good quality coffee. It is shade grown, handpicked, sun-dried coffee from Uganda.
  2. The coffee farm is owned by the Lord and is operated under the direction of C.E.E.D. (The Christian East African and Equatorial Development Trust), which is a 501(3C) non-profit organization
  3. The 36 acre coffee farm in Wambabya, Uganda provides jobs to 38 coffee farm workers, a woman coffee farm manager, and a trustworthy business manager … all Ugandans.
  4. Most of the folks working there have never had a good reliable employment before.
  5. There is a Bible study held at the coffee farm every Wednesday afternoon, and several of the workers have come to accept Christ as their Savior through this ministry.
  6. The coffee farm has been in operation since 2000 … almost 15 years of operation.
  7. Workers have been able to send their children to school, build houses with good metal roofs, buy bicycles for transportation, and in general, raise their standard of living. This improvement in their lives is a result of their working at the coffee farm.
  8. The workers are educated regarding personal hygiene, use of clean water, and are provided with mosquito nets for their children (to help prevent getting malaria).
  9. The green coffee beans are shipped to the USA where they are roasted, ground, and packaged for sales and distribution.
  10. The coffee is sold through a volunteer work force (CEED only has one employee in the USA … our business manager).
  11. Profits from the coffee sales, along with donations, are used to develop clean drinking water wells in Uganda.
    1. We have purchased and shipped a portable hydraulic drilling rig to Uganda. Using this equipment (as well as more labor-intensive but less efficient methods) we have drilled or repaired over 80 wells … and, each well provides clean water to 700 to 1000 people!
    2. We insist that each village take on responsibility for the maintenance of the wells. They must organize a well committee to collect a small amount from each resident every month. These funds are set aside so that the community is able to maintain the well for many years.
    3. We have trained an all-Ugandan team to do the borehole drilling… so the work continues even when we do not have an American team in Uganda.

If you are drinking coffee at the church…

Why not serve and drink great coffee that makes a difference to very needy folks halfway around the world?

We partner with many churches in the Pittsburgh, PA area … and we look forward to partnering with many more anywhere in the United States. Please prayerful consideration to making “Ugandan Gold Coffee” one of your church’s targeted missionary outreach efforts.

Thank you.

Les Gutzwiller, C.E.E.D. Board of Directors

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