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Our Story

At Ugandan Gold Coffee, we are passionate about partnering with local Ugandan farmers to accomplish our two-fold mission. We strive to bring great coffee to consumers and to bring sustainable economic empowerment (new life) to local Ugandans.

Our mission started when a couple of Pittsburgh-based engineers and inventors traveled to Uganda in 1999. After deeply connecting with the local people and feeling the weight of their struggles these men and women empowered the local Ugandans to start and grow their own coffee farm. Over the years, this farm has profoundly and holistically changed the lives of these local communities for the long-term.


At Ugandan Gold, we primarily produce our coffee on this 36-acre farm in Wambabya, Uganda. Currently, it is providing work for 38 full-time workers, and the profit from our coffee sales are given back to the farmers to support health care initiatives, fresh water well drilling and new economic development for their local communities.

Join us in our journey of partnering with Ugandan coffee farmers to bring great coffee and new life.

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